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How to Fix a Flat Tire

Riding and got a flat tire? Fix it yourself

It's happened. Or you're waiting for it to happen. You're riding your bike on your own and you get a flat. While your cell phone can be a good "tool" when youuse it to call for help- wouldn't you like to know how to take care of yourself?

Don't ride without a spare tube. Note: We think patch kits are great, but use it for a second flat, (yikes) or to patch your tube when you get home. You'll get back on the road or trail much faster if you don't have to spend time searching for the puncture spot.

We've got tubes, patch kits and tire levers in stock. And don't forget a frame or mini pump to get aired back up. Not sure what you need? Come in and we can help you get the right gear for your bike. And we can walk you through the steps for changing it yourself.

This is a great video from Trek Bicycles. 


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